Monday, March 9, 2009

Press: Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2009

Special thanks to Alina Dizik who gave us a mention in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal. Her article in the Career Journal is entitled "Windows Into Lives After a Layoff" - Being Pink is given a mention in the column at left under "More Blogs from the Laid Off"...

I must say, it is indeed exciting to wake up and find an email from the Wall Street Journal in your inbox. Thrill me! As a well-seasoned blogger I'm used to getting random emails from people, but this one definitely made my morning coffee taste especially delicious.

Ms. Dizik's article talks about how many different layoffees are using blogging to network, find new jobs, or to simply vent. Other Buddy Blogs are also mentioned, like Jobless and Less, 405 Club, and Miss Pink Slip...Congrats gang!

Read the full article online:

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