Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oddity: Pink Slip iPhone App

Yes, you read that title correctly. When this came up in my search results I couldn't believe it - I thought it must surely be a joke. Alas, too true. The product description states that this app is meant to help the user "1) how to prepare if you hear the proverbial footsteps outside your door; (2) how to handle the "pink-slip moment" if it happens to you; and (3) how to pick up the pieces afterwards. We hope you'll find these strategies helpful to have at the ready -- but never actually needed!"

Great. Download this app so you can live in fear with a daily reminder of impending doom. I've heard of some bad ideas but this is ridiculous! Oh, and did I mention you have to pay for it?


  1. Sometimes the ridiculous nature of these things drives me batty. Really, really nuts.


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