Sunday, February 22, 2009

Story 4: Laid Off, Just in Time

By: No Regrets, Burlingame, CA

Two and a half years ago when I interviewed for my former position as Executive Assistant at a chemical company, my interview premise was "when the recession comes I want to be in a stable company, that won't be imminently affected". So they were affected, but only their cash flow due to their extended credit line, as banks faltered. As the years went by, I grew tired of the personalities: the chauvinism, the egos, the power plays, the paranoia, the overstressed CEO who had recently started to turn a bright shade of red on a daily basis, and Jekyll and Hyde.

It must have shown. I knew too much to be fired outright. But, I didn't have time to look for another job since I was engaged in physical therapy daily due to an injury I had sustained. I knew I would have to eventually be laid off so I begun to speak with HR about lack of work and the Executives being extremely self sufficient. I wanted out of the bad karma that was now making every day at work torture.

So that day came in a vengeful way: I was laid off my first day back at work after a 3 week vacation, stating my position was being eliminated. Was I asking for it by deciding to take the 3 week vacation, the answer is yes. The good news... the vacation brought about an engagement ring, so nothing could have been sweeter than being laid off, just in time.

No regrets.

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